The Coady

My current adventure – I am proud to call myself a YIPPER!

Along with 19 other wonderful, brilliant Canadian graduates, I am participating in a 6 month internship through the Coady International Institute’s Youth In Partnership (YIP) program.

The Coady International Institute “ignites leadership that inspires collaborative effort to address challenges, discover opportunities and create sustainable development at the community level.” With incredible programs, staff and partnerships around the world, the Coady is committed to to reduce poverty, transform society, promoting social accountability, and breaking down the North/South divide through the collaborative education of community leaders and organizations world wide.

Beginning in 1997, the Coady International Institute’s Youth in Partnership (YIP) program provides opportunities for recent Canadian grads to work overseas with development organizations, allowing them to gain work experience, increase their understanding of development issues and allowing them to participate as global citizens. Yippers spend 6 months overseas working with a partnering Coady organization. The organization I will be working with is Stepping Stones International in Mochudi, Botswana.


Please check out the Coady for yourself and get inspired or get involved!





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